Tickets to the Greyhound Nation Celebration will be available for purchase at the door on Saturday, 3/7

$40 per ticket

$5 per raffle ticket

We can't wait to see you there!















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What is the Pope Foundation?
The Pope Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization that supports the students, faculty and administration of Pope High School and enriches the school's programs and activities.

Our Mission: To provide Pope High School with supplemental resources in the areas of Academics, Athletics, Fine Arts, and Campus Improvements.

Our Vision: To position Pope High School as the premier high school in Georgia consistently graduating students who are best prepared to succeed in their chosen career path.

Our Purpose: The School District and State provide limited funds that cover only the basics. PHSF was created to fill the gap by raising funds to provide students and faculty an environment that maintains the highest level of excellence.

For the 2014-2015 School Year the PHSF is proud to support the following projects:

Phase II of a multi-year project to convert the media center into a more modern and usable learning commons area

Continue to fund part-time testing support position

Safety upgrades and improvements to the football stadium

Reinvigorating the area outside of the culinary and main entrances which serves as a common area for students and staff